Monday, March 26, 2012

Word Wall Activities Linky Party

The Lesson Plan Diva is having a Word Wall Activities Linky Party and we are all invited to share how we introduce, teach, and practice those all important word wall/spelling words.  As a writing teacher, my word wall is a very important part of my classroom.  The easier and faster the children can see the words, the more apt they are to utilize the word wall and take the time to spell the words correctly.  My word wall spans 2 walls in my classroom and is color coded because I teach kindergarten (red words), first grade (yellow words), and second grade (green words).  The orange words are words that the children use frequently in their writing.  Here is a picture of part of my word wall.

In first grade and second grade, I introduce 10 new words every 2 weeks.  I use these sight word packets, which contain 6 fun activities for the children to complete.  

On the days where they do not complete an activity from these packets, we play word wall games (I Spy, Sparkle, Hangman, Bingo, Memory, and more.)
In addition, when the children are done with their station work, they can complete an "I'm done, what can I do now?" activity, which includes many word wall activities.  The more they are exposed to the words, and the more they practice them, the more they will be apt to spell them correctly.  

If you are interested in checking out any of the activities I have written about, please feel free to click on any of the images for more information.  If you are interested in joining this linky party, please click the link below.

I truly look forward to reading about all of your ideas!

Also, I would like to extend a big thank you to Deana, over at Primary Punch, for awarding me with the One Lovely Blog Award.
I am touched by the sentiment.  Deana has a superior blog and was instrumental in helping me out when I first started blogging.  If you are not already following Deana, please hurry over and check out her amazing blog.

One last thing! Have you seen the Kindergarten Common Core Based Summer Skills Review Packet from Teacher Tam's Educational Adventures?  Wow!  It is amazing! It includes 10 weeks worth of Common Core based math and literacy activities, as well as a game board with 5 different sets of cards.  Click the image below to get more information about this must have packet!


  1. Lori you are too sweet!! Thanks for the shout out!

    Primary Punch

  2. I love these sight word packs of yours, Lori!! I have your 2nd grade version in my cart, and I bet I'll need your 1st grade one in the beginning of the year next year!

    ♥ Jen
    The Teacher's Cauldron

  3. Thanks, so very much, Jen for the feedback. I can't begin to tell you how my classes enjoy these activities. Plus, it's nice to hear positive feedback especially on something that took so long to create!

    Teaching With Love and Laughter


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