Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm done! What can I do now?

Do these words make you shudder as much as they make me shudder? Am I right in assuming that no teacher ever wants to hear them? We all know that children work at different paces and when they are at a station, some will, inevitably, finish waaaayyyyy before the rest of the class. If they didn't do their personal best, you can always send them back to perfect their work. But, what do you do with the fast finishers who have done their personal best? This year, I created some cute signs to hang on my board, letting my students know what they can choose to do when they finish their station work. I sometimes use these cards for early morning work, too.
My students love to play teacher / student. That's where they test each other on their spelling words. They often set up writing buddies (stuffed animals) and use them as extra students. They practice their spelling words on the computer by using Spelling City. The writing station is a large mailbox, which is filled with fun writing and word work activities. The menu is this display. (I have since added 2 more options, but, forgot to take an updated picture.)
They love choosing from the menu! They are also working on completing their handwriting book so they can earn a certificate that says they are officially a neat writer! No more sloppy papers…ever!
Handwriting Sheets
I was going to offer my cards as a freebie, but, I'm pretty sure everyone has their own "I'm done" activities. I am always willing to customize products for my followers. Just check out this page for more information.
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  1. This is great. I really need to get my writing station organized.

  2. I love your menu! I just added it to my wishlist. :)

    Sugar and Spice

  3. Love the writing menu board (saw it from your fb link). Such a great idea. Love giving them choices to write on what inspires them. We so often have writers block and I think we forget that our kiddos might have it too. This looks fabulous! You are so very talented Lori :)
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  4. Hello! I absolutely love your work! I just downloaded your Writing Menu and your handwriting book but wondered if there were any way you would share your I'm Done menu. I clicked the link, but I received an error message.
    My email address is:
    Thank you in advance!


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